starting from zero

So i own this Today.Tips were almost 2 years, and i almost forgot about it. Fortunately Namesilo email notification regarding domain expiration were popping out within my email and luckily i read it. I decide to extended and pay the domain renewal for the third year, but this time i already have a plan for it.

Spent almost 8 hours just for setting the DNS and Cloudflare, back and forth between Namesilo DNS and Cloudflare DNS. Why would I insisting for all those trouble? First, eventough were almost 100% safe and secure but i still want to add another layer of protection, thats why i use Cloudflare as additional protection.

And another hour looking for suitable favicon, eventough i'm not in love with it but it still okay. I got the favicon from its a nice web providing thousands of favicon which is nicely categorized and i also could pick my own color.

Found old unused twitter account (2010), spent 30 minutes for editing the profile. And after another 30 minutes i decide to change the username as : ourtodaytips. More social media account such as facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin and so on must be created, but i think i'm gonna do it later.

So far i already have :

  • Premium Viomagz blogger template
  • Wondershare Filmore video editor
  • Textaloud text to voice with 2 voice

Still need a lot of tools, but i have to start this plan with anything i have right now. Any other tools must be wait for the budget. Oh i forgot that i still have to order logo, damn! it's gonna cost another 30$.

You must be asking, what is my plan? I think i'm gonna keeping it as secret for a while LOL

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